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Journey to Inner Wisdom: From Blame to Responsibility

What might happen if we slow down?

I have fallen in love with someone else who truly appreciates me.

You take me for granted.

I feel taken for granted.

A part of me feels taken for granted.

I am noticing that a part of me feels taken for granted.

I have compassion for this part of me that feels taken for granted.

When you behave like that, I don't feel good inside.

I feel a contraction in my belly.

It's like an iron hand closing down and making a fist. When it happens, I feel a pulling in my chest, and my heart slams closed like a door in the wind.

I recognize this sensation. It's an old one. It simply wants to be seen and felt.

It has nothing to do with you. My brain associates these sensations in my belly and my heart with your behaviour. My brain tells me really fast that I am being taken for granted.

Now, I take responsibility to be with these sensations and to understand what they want me to know without my brain trying to assign meaning or blame.

Delving into the Source

Our brains have been conditioned to think quickly and make sense before allowing our deeper truth to surface. Body messages take at least 30 seconds to reach our conscious minds. When we slow down our process, a wealth of healing information becomes available.

Moving from blame to responsibility when we slow down with Somatic Spiritual Coaching

It's easy to be reactive, but this seldom leads to peace. When we choose to take responsibility and open up to the root cause, we become more receptive to the embodiment of peace.

The sensations within us that seek attention receive it when we move beyond the process of assessment, judgement, and rationalization, and delve into our deeper wisdom.

This process is not habitual in Western culture. Who has time for this? We need to be productive. We reflexively distract ourselves. We think we know better. Better than what?

In reality, our bodies and spirits know many things better than our logical brains. They hold the unconscious history through which we perceive the world. Without conscious awareness of this reservoir of data, our reactivity is ready to end a relationship impulsively, as illustrated in the example above, rather than taking ownership of the emotional insights stored in the neural networks of our body.

Somatic Spiritual Coaching provides a space for individuals to slow down and address the impulses they seek to let go of. When we do so, what is genuinely desired can be embodied and experienced. As a result, we create more profound connection with yourselves, others, the world and Something Greater. .


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