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Getting to know me and my philosophy

Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach, Montreal-based Coach.jpeg


Somatic Spiritual Coach

My work is like that of a doula as I have come to understand that it is of your doing, not mine when your insights emerge, when your attachments are released, when new ways of being are discovered, and your body reshapes around more realistic, nourishing beliefs. You are doing the work. My role is more like that of a doula. I partner with you to support the natural emergent process through exploration. Ultimately, it is you who looks inside, contacts the mystery, suspends old reactions, gently experiences the pain, and considers how to integrate your wholeness into your everyday world. ​

During our time together, you will discover that you have inner wisdom, connect with the experience of it, and validate it so you can move forward living the life you want.


Life-long learner

Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach.jpeg
Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach.jpeg


My inner fairy

My three adult children who teach me so much about trusting life and following one's calling. 

My friends who are my biggest cheerleaders and my collaborators in unpacking this mystery of Life. 

Exploring in nature via hiking & biking

Ecstatic dance and movement

Deep dives into psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and quantum physics

Anything about wellness and holistic living

'A-ha' moments, my own and others'

Creation stories

Ripe, juicy mangos

Potty jokes


The longing

For well over three decades, I have passionately explored various spiritual and intellectual paths, motivated by an inexplicable longing to better understand why we are here, where we come from, and where we are going.

My life, like yours, is a multi-faceted gem. My jewel's different faces have included, or include: Jewish roots, born-again Pentecostal Christian, new ager, agnostic, holistic chiropractor, mother, student of A Course in Miracles, Inter-Spiritual Minister Training, Shamanic explorations, coach, entheogenic journeys, deep somatic direct experience of the divine (Mysticism), Essene, and Rosicrucian. I have profound gratitude for all these turns on the spiral of my life of acquired wisdom. Each one has brought me greater awareness to how I navigate the world of form and formlessness simultaneously. My journey continues to release me from the tyranny of 'either/or' into the freedom of 'both/and'. 

As a holistic chiropractor for 20+ years, I observed many of my clients struggling with physical dis-ease, unsatisfied cravings, unhealthy relationships, etc. Upon deeper inquiry, I sensed that many or them had a yearning for a deeper meaning in life. I wondered if developing the connection to Self, others, the world, and Something Greater, would increase ease, wellness and joy.   


These personal and professional experiences inspired me to unearth my own wholeness by dancing with both my shadowy parts and the divine spark within. My trainings as an Inter-spiritual Counsellor, Deep Transformational Coach, and Body-Oriented Coach, were not simply about how to support other folks; fortunately, the teachings were experiential. In other words, I had to do my own work.  As a practitioner, I only suggest what I have applied to my own life. This continues to be my practice.  I show up whole for you. 

Nature mandela made by Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach Coach.jpeg
Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach.jpeg


In no particular order


Finding meaning












*particular philsophy/view on life

Altar made by Judi Blum, Wholeness Doula, Coach.jpeg

As a Wholeness Doula who has frolicked, tripped, run, and crawled through many worldviews, I have finalized a map which works for me. I offer my own process as a scaffolding for you to acquaint yourself with your own map. Your final map is uniquely representative of your journey.  I offer my support to you as you chart the course of your own beautiful unfolding Life.

I was born with a longing - a deep ache, and a yearning to understand the meaning of Life, my place in it, and how to live it well.


Others may label my decades-long quest as 'spiritual' in nature. Yet, I have come to align my life with the awareness that everything is Consciousness itself and, that within that field, each individual has their own unique, embodied experience of Life which offers it meaning. I am dedicated to a deepening awareness of this participatory process of creation. Consequently, I enjoy growing peace in my relationships, enhanced wellness in my body, and greater grace in the face of it all.


My journey has gone through many turns on the spiral of the experience of being whole. Along the way, I have stayed true to the commitment to share with others only what I have experienced myself. Integrity and congruency are values I hold dear. 

My adult journey has gone through the stages of Richard Rohr's posited worldviews:

  1. Material worldview: form, matter

  2. Spiritual worldview: formless, non-duality

  3. Priestly worldview: bridges these two separate realms

  4. Incarnation worldview: Life is both/and, the form and the formless. Life as the tapestry of Spirit in matter. Wholeness.


I see Life as the emerging experience of a divine creative process. Through that lens, spirituality is not 'over there' - something to find and refine. It is right here, right now. The call is for the awareness, via our nervous system, that we can have the embodied experience of our deepest wisdom. We have an opportunity to choose to observe and participate in our experience as and within Consciousness/Spirit, in all aspects of Life.

I honour your philosophy and experience of life.  All is welcome here. 

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