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Please visit the three tabs below for a deeper understanding of my services.

  • What is Spirit?
    According to Leon VanderPol, the Founder of The Center for Transformational Coaching, “... I use the word (with a capital S) as an umbrella term, a label to denote the greater consciousness, presence, or evolutionary intelligence that guides us on our path and sustains our very existence. Depending on your belief system, Spirit could go by any of a number of names: God, the Divine, Source, Brahman, Creator, Supreme Being, Universal Consciousness or Mind, Divine Presence, Ground of Being, Breath of Life, Guiding Light, and more. All of these are generally pointing to the same thing, and so you are free to decide and define what Spirit means to you.”
  • What is Body-Oriented (Somatic) Coaching?
    According to The Somatic School, body oriented coaching makes available the whole spectrum of the bodymind, allowing creative and spontaneous ways of working that are rooted in experience, deeply felt, engaging and transformative.
  • What if I do not believe in Spirit or God?
    It is not necessary to believe in Spirit, God, or anything outside of yourself to take this journey. You may consider how you feel about having a Higher Self or Soul, a part of yourself that knows what is best beyond the everyday stressors, past traumas and future worries.
  • What is Deep Transformational Coaching?
    According to the Center for Transformational Coaching, together we “create a sacred, enlivening space in which a revolution & renewal of one’s self-identity can unfold naturally, and with the greatest amount of ease & joy. We drop below the thinking mind & into the realm of our innermost intelligence: the intelligence of the heart (our spiritual heart) & the life force or evolutionary consciousness that is alive within all of us.”
  • What is Spiritual Companioning?
    According to One Spirt Learning Alliance, a Spiritual Companion offers “support to spiritual seekers in cultivating their inner wisdom as they explore the meaning of life, love, compassion, and inner peace; seek clarity about their purpose and place in the world; and nurture their relationship with the Divine, known by many names.”
  • How should I prepare for my session?
    I invite you to come as you are and encourage you to be as comfortable as possible. Please consider these tips for online sessions: Grab any essentials (water, journal, tissues) Arrive well-hydrated & in comfortable clothing that you can move in Find a quiet space that offers privacy and comfort Remove distractions and silence device notifications Check your device connectivity and power supply Assure that Google Meet is set-up for use ~ For in-person sessions: Arrive well-hydrated and in comfortable clothing that you can move in Silence device notifications Bring a favourite item(s) if you feel led to co-create the sacred space Bring a journal to note down your important take-aways. If we meet online or in-person, please assure some quiet time after our session to journal, contemplate or rest. This is important for integration into your nervous system.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    Our journey together will be customized to fit you, your goals, & your life. We all know that going to the gym only once does not create long term change. The same is true with our work together. Although one session can be transformational, to create real lasting change practice is needed. For optimal results, it will be important to commit to a coaching plan—one that helps you make lasting changes through consistent practice & dedicated support from your Wholeness Doula.
  • What happens after a session?
    You are encouraged to take some quiet time to sit in silence or journal about your insights & shifts. Please sign-up (free) and log-in to Wired for Wholeness! This is your hub of resources: I will direct message you your session notes for reflection. This is also where you can ask questions or seek clarification. Exploring our Wholeness Companions will support the insights of your session. Knowing that the voices in our head are a normal part of our neurology allows for more agency in creating new choices. This information allows for the formation of a healthy team within. The Embodiment Experiences offer support in deepening the internal dialogue with your True Self. Rewired for Resilience practices offer short moments to continue to shift your nervous system to greater ease and adaptability. Your participation in our community is cherished. Please feel free to contribute your unique experience in conversation on the forum.
  • What happens during an Allowing Wholeness session?
    Our sessions flow through this general format: Welcome We (re)connect with one another & our previous work, if applicable Centering We slow down to deepen presence & connection to Self, each other & Spirit Intention We create space to listen & speak from our hearts Exploration We explore what is ready to emerge & be known Close We acknowledge what was learned & experienced Whether we meet online or in person, I encourage you to stay present with your heart by keeping your eyes closed when needed. We may get up to use the space we are in, as well as objects within it. Please assure a private and spacious environment free of distractions. Our session can last between 60-90 minutes, as needed.
  • How do I schedule?
    Feel free to click here and schedule online. Contact me if the times you see do not suit you. I will do my best to find another time. You can schedule directly with me: email me at text or phone me at 514-806-7292 Once you schedule, you will receive an email confirmation with a form to fill out before your first session. A pre-session form is also in your email for subsequent sessions. Please take the time to complete this in order to arrive with more clarity of what is alive for you in your exploration.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You may cancel up to 6 hours before our session start time. I have a no refund policy; your payment will be applied to a future session or can be gifted to someone within 1 year. If you cancel late, forget to cancel, don’t show up, or show up later than 15 minutes without notice, your session will not be eligible for rescheduling and you will lose the paid value of that session. I will make exceptions to this policy in the case of medical or family emergencies. I also reserve the right to cancel sessions due to any serious issues on my end and will coordinate with you to reschedule if this occurs.
  • What are your payment details?
    My professional fee for a 60-90 minute session is 110 Canadian dollars. Three sessions to be used within 12 months (10% discount): $297 CAD paid in advance. 15 sessions to be used within 12 months (15% discount): $1402.50 CAD, paid in advance. Cash & checks are welcome in-person. Canadians will receive an invoice for a bank transfer payable to International clients will receive an invoice to settle via Stripe. Receipts will be issued under Naturopathy (N.D.). Please let me know if you need a receipt.
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