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Gathering is an essential facet of our Wholeness. Our experience of Life expands in a way that is not accessible when alone. Your participation in these workshops is valued, and fundamental, to our emergence as a community that is well. Thank you for your courage to circle up, to trust, and to fully show up.

Montreal Wholeness Circle

Our Time Together

We gather together monthly to learn about and experience our Wholeness Companions. We create an intimate circle to share how these neurologically-based partners impact our lives, and how we might bring into being a balanced expression of these integral parts of ourselves

The Details

Click below to learn more about our format, the core principles, what to bring, free admission, and to sign-up.

The Longing: What you seek is seeking you

The Encounter

Meet the three facets of The Divine: The Infinite Face, The Intimate Face, and The Inner Face.

The Experience

Through contemplation, poetry, movement, and/or art we sense into our understanding and embodiment.

The Intention

This is a space for us to repair, begin, or deepen our connection with Something Greater.

The Details

This workshop is offered throughout the year and upon request to suit your needs.

Please inquire as to how to schedule this experience for you and your entourage.

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