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Health Professionals

I provide Somatic Spiritual Coaching to individuals referred by healthcare professionals who aim to enhance the benefits of care for their clients.


Your Service

Delivering Excellence

With your extensive knowledge, precise training, and deep wisdom, you serve humanity with your heart and skills. The work you do is powerful and effective.

The Challenge

You may suspect that your services could be even more profound, efficient, and longer-lasting if you could address the recurring causes of stress that your clients experience. You may be wondering if your clients would benefit from lifestyle recommendations, but lack the TIME or SKILLS to offer this dimension of care.

The Possibilities

My contribution to your important work is an exploration into underlying rea of dis-ease through Deep Transformational Somatic Coaching. I propose neurologically-based one-on-one coaching sessions (Allowing Wholeness), as well as an expansive self guided resource library (Wired for Wholeness). Both services offer a cognitive understanding and an embodied experience of a regulated nervous system. Clients can access greater insight into letting go of what no longer serves them, to ultimately welcome what does. 

A Collaboration

As a practitioner positioned between the skillsets of psychotherapists and body-oriented practitioners, such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, and athletic trainers, I bridge the gap to achieve optimal outcomes in collaboration with you.


My Service 

A Passion for Wellness

My 24 years of practice as a Certified Wellness Chiropractor was incredibly rewarding. Yet, I was frustrated to not have enough time, and skill, to address my patients' emotional stress, nor the blockages that delayed improvement in lifestyle choices. This motivated me to continue my studies, which has now become my new vocation as a Somatic Spiritual Coach.


I can imagine that we meet in the paradigm that Universal Intelligence and Innate Intelligence are whole, perfect, and beautiful forces animating us and the world. We may agree that the foundational causes of dis-ease are chemical, physical, and emotional stress which moves us from thriving to surviving. We develop symptoms as we adapt to our environment, and our memory of our wholeness is obscured, but not obliterated!

Showing Up

Like you, I arrive seeing my clients beyond their stories; seeing their infinite capabilities.  I hold compassionate space for them with unconditional positive regard, while they become capable of rewiring their systems to a new, healthier story.

I am committed to my own personal growth, wellness care, and practices to show up regulated and open for our clients. 

My client’s well-being is first and foremost. In addition, I honour my commitment to confidentiality with them, while I continue an effective collaboration with you.  


You can count on me to be up-to-date. I am basically obsessed with the field of psychoneurology and the intersection of science and spirituality.  After having completed my certifications as an Inter-spiritual Counsellor, Deep Transformational Coach, and Body-Oriented Coach, I continue to dive head first into the latest trainings and tested techniques to support folks in harmonizing their nervous system, the necessary prerequisite to living a life imbued with sense and meaning. 

What I am not

I am not a psychologist. Their job includes looking to the past and making meaning. While this is a powerful modality, we also know that the more we talk about our old stories, the deeper they settle into our neurology.  Through Somatic Spiritual Coaching, we follow what arises as messages in the body in the here and now. Without hesitation, I refer to mental health professionals when need be. 


Questions to contemplate


Establishing if I am a good fit

  • Do you have patients whose body symptoms (breathing, digestion, heart rate, hormones, etc) may be due to their autonomic nervous system responding to a non-adaptive perception of their internal or external environments? 

  • Do they know how to eat, move, and think well, yet they get in their own way?

  • Is their poor posture due to how they feel about themselves, or perhaps an unfinished story that is locked in their body?

  • Are you ready to focus on what you do best?

  • Do you know that your techniques, modalities, and skills will be even more powerful and longer lasting when your patients become more aligned with who they really are, to their wholeness?

  • Are you prepared to embrace the possibility that you do not have the time, or the training, to accompany your folks on this part of their journey?

  • Do you have patients who might benefit from Somatic Spiritual Coaching?


Your Benefits

What you receive

  • Augmented Care: Our neurologically-rooted coaching sessions provide additional value to your clients.

  • Resource Empowerment: Access a comprehensive resource hub (Wired for Wholeness) to facilitate clients' self-regulation.

  • Enriched Understanding: Gain insights into the mind-body connection, deepening your expertise.

  • Client Satisfaction: Witness your clients experiencing the profound effects of integrated care.

Synergy in Collaboration


Positioned between psychotherapists and body-oriented practitioners, our approach complements and enhances your methods.

The resulting synergy yields optimal outcomes for clients under our joint care.

Request the Details

Kindly take a moment to complete the form by specifying "Provider Space" in the subject line and leaving a brief message in the message box to indicate the field in which you practice.

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