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Discernment in the Age of Deception: The Role of Body-Oriented Coaching in Navigating AI

Exploring the Importance of Interoception, Authenticity, and Collective Purpose in Perceiving Truth and Thriving Amidst Deepfakes and Illusions

The era of synthetic reality is no longer a conspiracy as AI has made it possible to swap one person's face and voice for another's, create deepfakes and manipulate media and entertainment effortlessly. Our perception of what is real and what is an illusion has been challenged. The ability to capture, process, and make sense of the information our senses receive can no longer be taken for granted as an indicator of reality. Our bodies hold the key to knowing the truth, and AI technology demands that we hone our ability to listen to our inner wisdom.

The Importance of Discernment and Interoception: Navigating the Illusions of AI and Deepfakes

Our subconscious mind receives information from the environment through interoception at a rate of four times per second, which then triggers a response in our body. It's crucial to pay attention to the subtle changes in our physical sensations, such as sweaty palms, racing heart, shivers, muscle tension, stirring in the belly, or changes in breathing. These indicators can help us identify incoherence and deception, and stay in touch with big R Reality.

By listening to our bodies, we can maintain contact with the organic evolution of the human mind and heart, rather than handing our intelligence off to a machine. This is crucial for a sane worldview and a valuable connection with self and others.

Moving Towards a Future of Authenticity and Truth

The ultimate solution would be to not consume any media, but this may not be feasible.The emergence of synthetic realities and the potential for AI-generated media to devolve human ideas means we must be discerning in what we consume. By following our hearts and staying attuned to what we feel is truly true, we can nourish our unique experience of life and maintain our individual and collective meaning and purpose on this planet. We have the power to thrive and flourish. Like salmon that go against the current, it requires us to be subversive in our approach and not buy into the illusions presented by corporations, media, and politics.

However, don't just take my word for it. In fact, this entire blog post could have been generated by AI. Therefore, I encourage you to do your own research by checking the links provided in the first paragraph. It's crucial to question what you see and hear, and listen to what you feel, especially in this era. Remember, we are all in this together.

Illusions of AI are like magic and we are called to use our bodies to discern truth


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