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What is a Somatic Spiritual Coach?

Since I began my trainings for my second career, there have been several iterations of my 'title' (because folks love to ask: what do you do?):

  • Spiritual Director

  • Inter-spiritual Counsellor

  • Inter-spiritual Companion

  • Deep Transformational Coach

  • Spiritual Doula

  • Body-Oriented Coach

  • Somato-Spiritual Doula

  • Wholeness Doula

  • Somatic Spiritual Coach

As a Somatic Spiritual Coach, I integrate body wisdom, awareness of Consciousness & wellness lifestyle into an exploration of both letting go of what no longer serves you, while unveiling the complete person you already are. Full experience of Life is through connection with Self, others, the world & Something Greater. Together we can move into the embodied emergence of You.

Playtime (aka practices): Presencing*

This practice anchors me into the incarnation worldview. "It involves knowing yourself to be a spacious presence within which your experiences are arising.

Start by coming into your normal waking state by entering the delicious sensation of breathing & immerse yourself in the mystery of the moment.

Then sink your attention into the depths of yourself & become conscious of being the presence of awareness witnessing all you are experiencing."

*from Deep Awake, by Time Freke


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