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The Science of Our Wholeness Companions

Our body's subconscious intelligence (neuroception) scans our environment for safety or danger four times a second.

And, when it does, it will perceive one of the seven general states of safety or danger we see in the diagram below. This is where our WholenessCompanions are born.

In the top tier, our Brick Wall or Jellyfish Parents will do what they need to do to defend themselves. The particular Parent who emerges (rigid or yielding) depends on the many life factors which have formed them; we generally have a tendency towards one.

In the middle tier of safety, we find our Innocent Child playing, our Backbone Parent collaborating, and our Mystic meditating.

The last tier introduces us to our Escape Artist, full of a directionless energy, and finally our Zombie who is depleted of energy.

Once we understand these neurological states, we can feel empowered to create a shift. Using the exercises in RewireForResilience you can begin to change your wiring to better embody safe states of being. In our sessions of AllowingWholeness, we call upon the wisdom of our Grandmother and our Old Friend, we listen to a potential Scared Child, and we create the conditions for your nervous system to perceive and experience safety in the world.

*links go to Wired for Wholeness' free resources to support your journey in remembering your wholeness.

What is the Polyvagal theory?


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