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The Art of Surrender

Allowing Spiritual Practices to Transform Your Life

The Journey of Incorporating Spiritual Practices

I have recently incorporated new spiritual practices into my life, and I quickly became aware of my desire to make them work in my favour, striving to force the transformational shift I longed for. However, I soon realized the necessity of allowing these practices to work on me, surrendering to their inherent wisdom.

In my role as a somatic coach, I emphasize the power of relinquishing the analytical brain's effort to constantly seek solutions and make things happen. If relying solely on this approach were effective, we would likely experience a more pleasant and balanced inner and outer life. My recent experience reinforced this concept and it subsequently became more deeply embodied.

The Power of Surrender to a Greater Intelligence

Consider an analogy that you may find relatable. When pursuing fitness goals, you understand the importance of a gradual process. In addition to required basic exercise, you may put in additional effort by incorporating supplements and adhering to a specific diet. Yet, there is a recognition that the true change arises from surrendering yourbody to your innate biological intelligence to operate, shaping the outcome over time.

Spiritual practices and surrender by Judi Blum, Somatic Spir

We cannot will a pot of water to boil. Yet we can tend the fire and hold the vision for the cup of tea.

Faith and Neuroplasticity: Keys to Lasting Transformation

The same principle applies to personal and spiritual development, relying on two key concepts: neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to change through repetition over time, and faith. Yes, I mentioned it – faith in the belief that these practices contain a mystical formula capable of transforming us, if only we step aside and allow it to unfold.


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