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Programmed to Heal

We are all wired with an innate intelligence that is programmed to heal according to our genetic potential.

Depending on our belief system, this intelligence has been exquisitely formed by billions of years of the evolution and emergence of life, and/or by Something Greater (an Intelligent Love, a loving Intelligence).

This intelligence runs via the nervous system as our operating system. Our systems know exactly what is need to survive, and to thrive.

Imagine you have a cut on your leg.

The practices in Wired for Wholeness can be likened to our every day practices of eating well and moving well. When we nourish our body well, we favour a healthy immune system and healthy skin so that the injury can heal all on its own. Rewire for Resilience practices in Wired for Wholeness allow the nervous system to heal us by running optimally. Good wellness practices allow our system to create an emerging, aligned reality of our own creation.

Sometimes the cut is deep and we need a little assistance. We may need to rinse the wound with some clean, warm water to remove what no longer serves our innate healing capacity. Stitches can bring together the separated parts of the injury. A bandaid does not do the healing but keeps the area clean so the body can do its job.

In the same way, Deep Transformational Somatic Coaching, brings together the unheard parts of ourselves, we rinse away what no longer serves, and we foster resilience moving into this one precious life.

In our one-on-one sessions of Allowing Wholeness we create the conditions for integration (healing) to occur. It is not the stitches, water, or bandaid which heal the wound, it is done by the innate intelligence of the skin and immune system. We are programmed to heal when the conditions are right. We can create the optimal life conditions for emotions to heal. All else follows naturally.

Perhaps working through the practices in Wired for Wholeness will be sufficient for you. If you need a bit of support along the way just reach out. I am here with you.

Can I heal?


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