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More Ease, Please

I know the frustration. In an era with an abundance of information on how to eat well, move well, think well & live well, why do we not DO it well. Is it true that “when we know better, we do better”? Yes. And no.

What would Life look like when we focus more on our BEing rather than our DOing?

I invite you to consider that our deepest lack is our sense of disconnection with ourselves, others, the world and Something Greater, rather than our lack of conceptual understanding of ideas. How can we birth then fortify connection on these levels? Let us look to the body as the divinely created organ to do just that.

What is Embodiment? Remember that time when you knew something deep in your gut or your heart rather than just as an idea in your thinking brain? A 'no-brainer'. This is an embodied experience of what is true for you or a global Truth.

Embodied Self Awareness in knowing oneSelf beyond logic, reasoning, concepts, programming, rationalizing, justifying. Our Alignment with our True Essence is experienced in the body, in collaboration with the heart, through sensations and emotions.

If disembodiment is when one’s soul, spirit, or consciousness is separated from the physical body, then embodiment is fully welcomed awareness of one’s soul, spirit or consciousness into the body. From here, we remember our wholeness, our natural state of being: connection to Self, other, the world & Something Greater. From here, we find more flow & ease in Life. Welcome Home.

Playtime (aka practices)

HeartMath: Connect with the Heart of Who You Truly Are

A 90-minute interactive learning experience on the power of your heart's intelligence. Scientifically validated techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing inner security and emotional poise.


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