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Embodiment of the Somatic Spiritual Coach

Embracing Transformation

I find myself taking another significant turn on the spiral of my Life approximately every six months. This continuous reinvention is a result of the profound inner work I am committed to. It signifies yet another change in my chosen title, although I long for a world where labels hold little importance. I understand the need for conventional terms to help others grasp the essence of one's life's work in a concise manner.

Therefore, my next evolution leads me to embrace the title of Somatic Spiritual Coach. It is with a hint of sadness that I release the label of Doula. A doula traditionally supports individuals during the birthing process, and it genuinely feels like I am assisting my clients in birthing their emerging selves during our one-on-one sessions. I create a safe space where people can give birth to their authentic selves.

However, the term "doula" may limit my ability to connect with individuals, as it is commonly associated with supporting the journey of childbirth. Clarity is crucial, isn't it?

Navigating Inner Wisdom, Birthing Authenticity, and Walking the Path to Wholeness

After years of grappling with the word "coach," I have finally embraced it, despite its misunderstood connotations. The following is a modification of the definition of coaching provided by the International Coaching Federation to align with my vision. As a coach, I partner with clients in a contemplative, reflective, and creative process that inspires them to access their inner wisdom. Through coaching, previously untapped sources of integration, connection, and inspiration often come to light. Our time together facilitates assisted self-study, where the body and spirit's insight can emerge and illuminate their inherent wholeness.

Embracing the Power of Shared Exploration

When we embark on this journey alone, we run the risk of self-referencing and limiting our perspective. By sitting together, your inner teacher, a voice of truth, which provides the guidance and power you need to face challenges, but often gets obscured by inner and outer interferences, can find space to be heard. A coach's role is not to provide advice or fix individuals, but rather to assist them in removing obstacles so they can uncover their own wisdom from within. Our time together can be a remarkable way to help someone recognize and embrace their deepest truth.

As a Somatic Spiritual Coach, or whatever name you prefer to call me, I step into the privilege of witnessing your precious story and walking alongside you on the path to living a life that aligns with your inner wholeness and integrity.

Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach


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