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The neurology of choice.

Carl Rogers teaches us that all living beings push towards growth, healing & wholeness. We have an innate propensity to seek the conditions to express ourselves creatively & to reach our full potential (self-actualization).

If we do not feel safe, we tend to desire status quo, no change.

If we do feel safe, we can welcome the desire to foster our emergence.

Every endeavour wires our brain to do 'the thing' more easily next time.

Desire: status quo

Habitual actions = habitual neural firing = habitual wiring = habitual living

Desire: self-actualization

New actions = new neural firing = rewiring = wholeness living

Rewiring is the action of change over time with repetition (neuroplasticity).

The mantra is PROCESS!

21st century neurology is all

about instant gratification.

Notice how wobbly we

get when we see this spinning wheel?

When we experience a shift in our Being, through transformation of perception or change in the felt sense (meaningful, wordless change in body awareness), we create new firing in our nervous system. Rewiring is now necessary for fundamental Life change to happen.

Like a young child learning to walk, it needs encouragement.

Like a seedling becoming a strong plant, it requires nurturing.

The next mantra is awareness.

Playtime (aka practices)

We are invited to notice our habitual living.

We are invited to choose to shine the light of our consciousness on who we are becoming.

We take stock.

How am I feeling right now?

Do I feel peace or chaos?

Do I feel calm or agitated?

Do I feel open or defensive?

Do I feel curious or rigid?

Do I feel loving or fearful?

What body sensations are present right now?

Do I sense relaxation or tension?

Do I sense energy or heaviness?

Do I sense spaciousness or pain?

Do I sense tingly aliveness or numbness?

Do I sense still waters or a hurricane in my brain?

New neural firing has been sparked by our shift in Being & now we can rewire by noticing contrast. This is the resourceful & compassionate Self that decides.

We choose in alignment to the desire of our Becoming.

Like learning to ride a bicycle, we need to consciously right ourselves more often in the beginning. Before we know it, we ride without a second thought.

The longing to know more of our Wholeness fuels the embodiment of the shift we experienced.

Then we know, we just know. The bicycle feels like an extension of our body.

We are each endowed with a divine potential manifesting through our own unique emergence. We have the wisdom to rewire ourselves as we remember our Wholeness.


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