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The Metaphorical Path to Transformation

Throw me in the forest and every step becomes a metaphor for the paths to remembering wholeness.

Paths provide a sense of security through containment, while concurrently allowing each individual to undergo their unique process of transformation. Joseph Campbell allegedly said: "If a path exists in the forest, don't follow it, for though it took someone else to the Grail, it will not take you there, because it is not your path."

I invite you to join me on this stroll where I offer some personal musings on Paths. Take it or leave it as you journey upon your own path.

On believing that the path left by others is always solid and reliable

Preparation for transformational path, Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach

Day1: Absolutely not. It's February in the mountains, and you'd expect a clear snowshoe trail to be firmly packed, making it safe to walk with boots alone. But no such luck. Step, step, sink, sink, step, sink. The unusually mild weather has turned the path into a less enjoyable experience. Just because there's a path doesn't mean we can overlook the essentials for the journey. Always be ready for a range of conditions when embarking on a trail.

A well-worn path might feel confined

Path of transformation, Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach

Day 3: It has been two days of adhering to the well-trodden path. I now notice that the sides of my snowshoes tend to rub the edges of the trail and I feel constricted. Veering off to the virgin snow proves liberating and allows me to find my own stride, my own rhythm. We are unique and sometimes we flourish and find ease when walking close to, but not necessarily on, The Path.

Pause and hear the Silence

Clump, clump, clump. Whirl, whirl, whirl, Chatter, chatter, chatter. What might happen if we stop and listen to the Space?

Join me with the volume on.

The path can become habitual and lose its flair

Day 5: The enchantment of following what seems like an endless trail is waning, as its familiarity shortens the perception of its length. The awe that once accompanied each step is diminishing, and I notice my thoughts overshadowing the present moment. Rituals and practices can easily become mundane routines. Perhaps it's time to reassess and let go of superstitions and rigid formulas dictating a singular approach. Embracing change is perfectly acceptable. The ultimate goal is to cultivate direct experiences with the sacred, fostering your own personal connection.

Turning onto a new path can be mysterious and wondrous

Awe on the path of transformation, Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach

Day 6: I create a wild path alongside a novel worn one. Stepping up the extraordinarily steep ascent, I feel courageous, curious, strong. Already breathless, I turn the corner, and the awesome splendor of nature takes what was left of my breath away. The new path can be challenging and slightly scary; expect the reward. Stick to it.

What goes up, must come down

With the steep ascent, there is a steep descent to tend to. I effort to stay on my feet and, if I can't, to minimize the damage. Rolling down this mountain head over heals was a clear possibility. We can hit real highs on the journey. It helps to remember, that everything in nature ebbs and flows. Be resourceful about how to navigate the ebb. We stay upright by taking our time and by weaving back and forth. In addition, tools, such as tree beings offering solace and walking sticks, are available. Be ok with falling; humility is powerful. (I did chose to slide down on my butt. I have nothing thoughtful to say about the hidden rock that bit me.)

Bonus: You are not alone

Coach as a companion on the path of transformation, Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach

During the first couple of days wandering through the forest, I was compelled to establish trust in the delightful dog in my care. Assured that there was no issue with allowing him off-leash, I learned of his past tendency to wander for extended periods but reliably return What if he didn't?!? I could sense my apprehension during those first few walks. Yet, to my relief, he stayed in my sight the majority of the time, and always returned to my side. Soon, I trusted him and stopped keeping my eye out for him. I knew he had my back. We might not always see or sense faithful companionship at our side. It is there. It might be your own higher consciousness, ancestors, Source, angels, dear friends, or a coach. It is worth knowing that you can turn towards these helpers and develop a trusting relationship in your own time.

2nd Bonus: The path of transformation is loosely marked

Trail marker on the path of transformation, Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach

It is my hope that some of this content might be like a trail ribbon tied to a tree for you along your precious journey back home to yourSelf.


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