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Letting Go and Welcoming the New

Embracing Transformation

"Man, I really wish I knew this earlier!" That's something I hear a lot during our one-on-one sessions. It's like there's this sadness and feeling of wasted time when we finally grasp something deep in our bones.

It's such a weird moment when we realize we're actually free to live without those old, heavy beliefs holding us back, but at the same time, we're bummed out that it took us so long to figure it out.

But hey, for now, let's just hold onto both those feelings. Let's feel the regret and the celebration all at once. That is what is here. That is real.

Eventually, that regret will start to fade away as we embrace new ways of being and revel in our newfound freedom. That's the big shift we're aiming for here, a transformation.

It is normal we would focus on the regret. Our brains are wired to be negative for self-protection, which can be useful but also gets exaggerated by all the messed-up stuff we see in the media and entertainment. But now that we know we're actually in a better place than we thought, we can lean into it and honour ourselves for having the guts to let go of the old stuff and welcome the new.

With courage and presence, we can confidently let go of what does not serve us from the past and wholeheartedly welcome the opportunities of the present moment. Embracing transformation is about feeling and then releasing regrets, celebrating growth, and opening ourselves up to the exciting possibilities that are unfolding for us on this journey of self-discovery.

Celebrating transformative changes with coaching


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