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Embracing change with courage and somatic awareness

Welcoming and celebrating our next chapters

Insights from Nature

After having experienced a successful hunt in which he and his shaman were sitting in a baffling proximity and in plain site of their prey, Tom Brown, Jr. writes in his book The Vision, "Animals, like humans, make in life the mistakes that will ultimately lead to their death, either physically or on a spiritual and emotional level, as with this deer. People and animals that stay on the same paths in life will eventually wear themselves into ruts - a complacency to life born of the false security, comfort, and monotony of that path. Soon the ruts become so deep that they can no longer see over the sides. They see neither danger nor beauty, only the path before them, nor do they abandon that path so often traveled, for fear of losing their security and entering the land of the unknown."

Judi Blum, Somatic Spiritual Coach. Navigating Change.
How many years has this car been immobile so that it is now being swallowed up by the earth? Photo credit: Judi Blum, Boquete, Panama

Embracing Change in Panama

On my recent adventure in Panama, a land seeped in both cultural and physical change, I too made a big change in my life. Accompanied by one of my adult children, who was also navigating a new chapter, we shared insights. As we reflected together, he wisely said, "We need to leave something not because of disdain for it, but because of a vision of something greater." In other words, in choosing the new, we need not slander the old, but rather bless it for how it served us.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. 

~ Socrates

He continued, " I do not want to leave something behind out of hate of what lies inside of me, but to transcend this part of me and leave it out of love for something bigger in front of me." In simpler terms, I will not project my shadow onto the old, but allow its transformation as I move toward the greater vision of my longing.

Courage Amidst Uncertainty

As I explored the powerful landscape of Panama, my mantra became, "I can do hard things." Climbing cliffs, exploring unmarked lands, swimming in fast moving water, and taking long, slippery hikes into the clouds were opportunities to see both the danger and the beauty mentioned above. I was in touch with the slight clenching of my stomach, the power moving through my muscles, and the clear-headed seeker in me. Each adventure was rewarded by a stunning display of creation. Leaning into the unknown is scary. Period. That is wired into our nervous system in order to keep us safe. Courage and vision are also programmed in our neural networks so that we evolve. Both/and. Brene Brown reminds us that, "Being brave is not the absence of fear."

Harnessing Our Resources

Having undergone multiple life changes in recent years, I've come to understand the body's resistance to the unknown. Dr. Joe Dispenza aptly notes how our bodies crave familiarity, even as our minds yearn for growth and evolution. It's in tapping into our right brain, the seat of awe and wonder, that we find the courage to envision a new future.

What sustained me through these changes was a deep trust in the guiding force of Intelligent Love, a commitment to deep somatic awareness (body wisdom), and the insights of both hemispheres of my brain. In addition, I counted on a sense of stability through the heartfelt support of friends and family.

Invitation to Transformation

You too can do hard things. You may find that the rewards of honouring your true self far surpass any reluctance you feel when confronted with difficulty. If you're yearning for change, whether in routine or on a grand scale, know that you can navigate the unknown. As your Somatic Spiritual Coach, I am here if you feel the call to reach out for support; we're not meant to journey alone.

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May 06

I love this 💚 thank you Judi!!

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